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scintillady 11-01-2017 03:36 PM

L - Arabinose
Does anyone have any good info on L-Arabinose? I currently take White Kidney Bean extract when I (very occasionally) have something with some carbs in it. When researching that, I came upon a couple articles about L-Arabinose as a sugar blocker, not just a carb blocker. But I was wondering if anyone had any real experience with it. I very rarely eat anything with sugar in it. My highest sugar food is berries that I eat with yogurt every evening. I use erythritol for sweetener if necessary, depending on how sweet the berries are. I am not against taking supplements of any kind but obviously don't want to waste my money on things that are not worth it.

Heidinem 11-13-2017 06:09 AM

I have never heard of it.

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