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CarolynF 01-11-2017 01:49 PM

Ketoacidosis..not me, but someone else..

My daughter's fatherinlaw is 70 and is on insulin/pills for diabetes. They eat junk all the time. biscuits and gravy..Pizza/takeout/fried chicken, etc..She doesn't cook much, so they go out or get take away.

He has been through rashes of tests..has some dementia from a stroke for
having his sugars high years back..

His wife is telling me he stinks all the time, his breath, his sweat, etc..Plus he
is confused and vomits a lot. So, I'm on line and look it up yesterday..Ketoacidosis pops out at me like a red flag..Three big signs right there.

I always thought when you had ketoacidosis and were diabetic, you would keel over in a coma..Maybe not..

So, this am I bought some keto sticks and brought them over..She mentioned his
sugars were high all the time..Oh well....Their doctor never mentioned keto sticks or anything like that.

What???? These people aren't dumb people, but they do not get diabetes and how you cannot eat thousands of carbs and give yourself some insulin and expect to be fine...

What are your thoughts???

Leo41 01-11-2017 02:45 PM

He needs to get to the ER ASAP!

Ketoacidosis in a diabetic is a life-threatening condition, and if this man is vomiting, it's really serious.

CarolynF 01-11-2017 04:35 PM

I agree. I gave her the info and the sticks. Some people don't understand diabetes or the dangers. His typical throw up happens a couple hours after he eats. Some days it doesn't happen. He has been in the hospital/had the swallow test, etc with no worries about that.


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