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Not really new, but been away for a long while.

Started low-carb eating in January 2014 at 295 or so pounds....close to 300. I was just over 40 years old, and had been heavy my entire adult life. Those last two years it caught up to me, and my blood pressure.

I lost about 70 pounds in 2014. The first 40 melted off in 3 months. The last 30 took the next 8 months or so!
Throughout 2015 I maintained at around the 230-235 pound range. I couldn't stay at the 222 low I had once achieved.
2016 saw some big changes in my life. I struggled with depression, separated from my wife, moved out, struggled to find a new job after graduating from college in May 2016, etc. I slipped. I gave up. I didn't care. By the holidays of last year I was back up to almost 260.
I've gotten slightly back on track but struggle with going back to a full blown low-carb lifestyle. I'm down to about 245. But really need to be back to 215-220.

It can be done. Anyone can lose weight. It's a mental thing. We have so many distractions in our lives. But this site helped me tremendously back in 2014.
65+ pounds and counting, since mid January 2014.
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