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Medical jargon is fine.

Saccharine and even stevia tastes like ear wax to me!
I am not talking about incorporating sugar into my diet. I just want to have some maybe tomorrow or so. I have been nearly a month without it, and I notice that my taste buds have been reset and I can detect sugar in the mildest form now. Even dental floss tastes like (nasty) candy to me now.

Not pre or full blown diabetic.

I just don't want to mess up the keto train I am so fond of. Even if I get knocked out I want to be able to go back in fast. I didn't know what other consequences there may be.

Coconut sugar sounds intriguing. I may have to look that up. If I do decide to do sugar, at best it will be once a month, maybe. I enjoy seeing the scale go down too much to do it any other way.
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