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My goal is to continue to maintain within my range of 100-108lbs, allowing for my usual excursions relating to pain management, muscle swelling, fluid shifts etc. Overall my goal is to maintain my body fat level somewhere between 20-25%.

01 Aug 111.0lbs UD
02 Aug 110.6lbs DD
03 Aug 110.6lbs UD
04 Aug 110.6lbs DD
05 Aug 111.8lbs UD

06 Aug DNW
07 Aug 111.8lbs DD
08 Aug 110.6lbs UD
09 Aug 109.6lbs DD
10 Aug 108.6lbs UD
11 Aug 109.6lbs DD
12 Aug 108.6lbs UD

13 Aug 109.6lbs UD
14 Aug 110.6lbs DD Sigh but down on last week...
15 Aug 109.6lbs UD
16 Aug 109.8lbs UD
17 Aug 108.0lbs UD
18 Aug 110.2lbs DD
19 Aug 109.8lbs UD

20 Aug 112.8lbs UD
21 Aug 112.8lbs DD
22 Aug 112.6lbs UD
23 Aug 111.8lbs DD ho hum

It's miserable but it is what it is. I'm carrying a lot of swelling because of the arthritis flare.

I'm taking WLM action. I am so ready to be reliably <110lbs again and on on a downward path to my comfortable range (102-105lbs). This extra weight is helping neither my shoulders nor my lower back.
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