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Hi Everyone....

I was just tested for hypothyroid and my test results came back as follows:
TSH - 2.63
T3 (reverse..whatever that means) - 193
T3, Free - 2.8
T4, Free - .7

All I know to do is since I'm not below .6 on the T4, I'm not on medication, so I'm taking a herb Thyroid Support supplement, 3 times a day and to avoid artificle sweetener, flouride and add table salt/iodine.

What I've been reading through this thread and please correct me if I'm wrong, that eating LC seems to be a "good" way to lose weight if you are hypothyroid (or close to it)....???

I've been trying to read everything that I can, but some is confusing!

I am 34, TIRED ALL THE TIME, foggy head, swell up like a balloon and I have a 3 year old on top of it......

TIA for any advice
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