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Teenagers are hard... especially at school. Wraps are a good idea as an alternative to sandwiches, like Dottie mentioned. My suggestion would be first to start with finding out what low carb foods she does like and build from there... bacon? sandwich meats? cheese? veggies with a good low carb home made dip? maybe some veggie chips (kale) with sea salt, to replace the potato chips? Make a list of what she does like and you can create a hodge-podge lunch list of items she will enjoy. Focusing on what foods she does enjoy and is allowed to have will empower her, as opposed to focusing on what she shouldn't have, which can be really discouraging.

I always caution the idea of finding replacement baked goods early on in the transition. She will probably be disappointed with the outcome and get discouraged, OR she could use the "it's low carb" as an excuse to eat too much of the treat when she's going through the initial carb withdrawal.

Good luck!
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