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Google Linda Sue's website and use some of those recipes if you're not already familiar with them. My super picky pre-schooler even loves most of them.

For lunches, even baby steps there would help. Give her water. Crystal light pack if necessary to make it seem like juice. Do a sandwich wrap. Even peanut butter and low sugar jelly on a low carb wrap would be better. I love the mama lupe wraps from netrition. You can make her cheese chips or pack her nuts as a side.

You know what she likes so focus on her favorite things for the first week or two so she is more excited about it.

I love turkey rollups, chickensalad on a wrap (or plain), big steaks with green beans, spinach with garlic sautéed in butter, quiches, crispy bacon, etc. Oh, and spinach lasagna and chili. So many things. The first few weeks sometimes need to be extra decadent.

If she loves to bake, have her help you make fun low carb things. Flax muffins are good. Cream cheese muffins are amazing. Even egg muffins may make her happy - eggs, cream, cheese, veggies, sausage - all cooked in muffin cups for quick easy breakfast options.
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