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Howdy everyone! Wow oh wow did the 4 day " I am starving to death and cant take it hit!!!" I already have a very hardy appetite but wow. I just kept it low carb and went with it. You might go at my menu today I hit my normal 5 miles according to my fitbit in my 4 hour shift at work. I also took the steps at the hospital from the 6th floor. Going down not up!

I'm always a pretty happy person but wow some low carb endorphins or something kicked in today.

It is so subzero here my face froze just walking from the parking lots into work and the hospital. WAH!!! First winter I'm not going south since I traded that for summers off. Maybe freezing burns calories!!!

Todays eats:
2 eggs with butter

2 eggs with half an advocado, half a red pepper, mayo, cheese stick

3 big slices of fathead pizza
1/2 a rotisserie chicken
a large amount of whipping cream. Probably 1/2 cup liquid

Findingme yeah on being able to send PM's If you want colder you can sure have our weather! I'll be envious of yours!

I for sure am a slow loser after the first week woosh! I picked the weight at the site I made the financial wager to lose 10% of my weight by June set for me. I am hoping to fly by it. I'd have a party to hit under 200.

Have no fear you'll make it through all those celebration days!! Even a slip for a special event wont derail 6 months. We all got this Just picture those better fitting summer clothes!

I wonder if the friend system is wonky. I know two said they didnt get my request but on my end it shows I sent it. Ironically I'm not a real private person IRL but I'm choosing who knows stuff. That whole thing was crazy. To give you an idea of how crazy when I say long ago ex its forever ago. Ive been remarried almost 24 years LOL

I dont know if baking powder has carbs to be honest. I buy coconut flour either at Sams Club or Amazon. We dont have any of the Trader Joes or Whole Foods type stores. Great job on the eating and all the water

Michelle Yippee on the 2 pounds!!!!
Hope you found something fabulous to eat that hit the spot!!!

Dimply I think I might enjoy hot flashes too! I'm always cold. We have been to NOLA and FL in August and besides the hair turning into a poof ball it was fabulous.

DrunkenSailor Great job on hiding or getting rid of the stuff you dont want to eat and a big congrats on doing well on your mini goals!!!
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