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Hi FindingMe! I am in Houston, and yes, people are freaking out. We usually have one or 2 occurrences per year of light snow/flurries/ice. Nothing sticks, but it is just enough to have people freak out and forget how to drive. On the news last night the meteorologist said no precipitation, so there was no run to the stores for toilet paper and bread And as you have experienced, Dallas gets a lot more winter weather than we do down south. You stay safe & warm yourself.
Congrats on losing 4 lbs! I do not seem to be getting the big initial whoosh either, but I have been semi-low carb for a few months now so I guess it was to be expected. Maybe I should have indulged a little over he holidays, but I did not want to go off the deep end and get to the point of no return. I am wondering if I am too low calorie myself - I rarely hit 1,000. My poor body must be so confused feast or famine, I tell ya.
I accepted your friend request. Sorry about that I need alerts
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