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Originally Posted by Dimply View Post
Michelle - I second Mick6 - I would love to see a pic of your new floor is you feel comfortable sharing one. We need to replace our kitchen floor, but I know that will open a can of worms, and before I know it we will be in the throes of a complete kitchen remodel complete with walls being knocked down. Not that it's not needed, but I just don't want to go through it!

Mick6 - I would not be able to leave the house with your temps. I will no longer complain about the weather here!
Does your DH work for an airline? If so, do you get to travel for free?
I am glad you're feeling better today. As much as I want to have a piece of cake for my birthday, the thought of going through the Atkins flu again is a deterrent. Not to mention the 5 lbs I will surely gain
Nope he drives semi for UPS. They just call it a hub, zone or terminal depending on the size of the home base area and the freight coming out of it. Hope I got that right! Ironically with you asking that my brother did fly passenger planes when he was early in his career. Then we got to fly free but with little kids and being young we couldnt take full advantage of it back then financially.

I hear you on the keto flu being a deterrent! Is your birthday soon? There are some great low carb cake and cheesecake recipes!

LOL you can go through a remodel Its not so bad. Ok I'm fibbing! We did our first house flip this summer and it was frustrating and I wasn't living in the chaos.

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