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Originally Posted by bkramer947 View Post
Berta, let us know how you like more of those products! I LOVE QUEST PRODUCTS!!! I use the protein powder, the bars and the chips - all pretty good tasting and definitely on the "cleaner" end as far as sugars and list of ingredients. I didn't know you could get them from Netrition. I have been buying them from GNC, Amazon and even Walmart (I hate Walmart but I went against my morals and got the chips there anyway!). Most of those bars are 4 WW points. Some are 5 but I don't buy those flavors. The chips are 2 WW points. I love the chips! The protein powder is only 1 smart point per serving.

Today I had some of the powder for breakfast but instead of a shake, I mixed one scoop of the Quest protein powder (cinnamon crunch) into Fage nonfat Greek yogurt along with some chia seeds. Protein PACKED!!! I also like to make iced coffee and mix it in the Vitamix with ice cubes and the Quest protein powder (chocolate or vanilla). It makes a great coffee sweet drink and has tons of protein in it...1 smart point!

Guys...I hit the 25 lb mark this morning! I teared up! That was an exciting milestone. I feel so great on WW. Thanks for your support here!

25 lbs since August? WOW I have now only lost a little bit more than that ( I had little over 40) and I've been at it two years

Well I am not real crazy about the Quest bars. I like the lemon one okay it was only 3 SP, but the rest of them I bought come out on the calculator at 4 SP.

I haven't received the order from Netriton yet so I don't know how I will like the others or the Kodiak mix.But will let you know.

I tried something new this a.m. for breakfast. I took a pkg of the cauliflower rice with veggies( tiny tiny pieces of broccoli and carrots) and sauteed them then added 2 scrambled eggs and cooked till the eggs were set and added some soy sauce. I had added salt prior to the Soy sauce and it was to salty for me. So next time I won't add the salt. I got 4 cups for like 5 SP. It was something different to change things up a bit.

We again CONGRATULATIONS. you are doing really really great
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