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Well gang I gained a 1.8 this week
But like I posted above to Dottie I know it was from last week when I lost and should have gained.

My body tends to do that and it is frustrating, but I can't change it. So it is what it is.

Also we went to a Birthday party last night of some very dear frineds son. They invited us to a BBQ. SO I thought I'll take watermelon and if there isn't anything I can eat I will just eat watermelon.

I had only eaten 8 SP the whole day when we arrived there at 6:00 pm. Everyone else was running late and didn't arrive until 6:30 or a bit later so I was EXTREMELY hungry.

Well the Host walks in carrying three large boxes of Pizza????

I ate 2 pieces so I have no idea if I will gain this week or not. They also had a ice cream cake.But I did not eat any of it.

After I posted yesterday my Netrition order hadn't arrived. I got it.

I love the Quest protein Chips and I am going to try the Kodiak Mix for my breakfast today.

Not a big fan of Quest bars. I won't be ordering any more of those ever. But I do plan on ordering the six pkg of BBQ Chips and the Cheddar ones.

Well hoping I can get it together this week I am sure headed in the wrong directions so far. So aggravating.
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