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Originally Posted by RW City Sue View Post
Berta, I wanted to say I think you did well at the BBQ to only have 2 pieces of pizza and to bring watermelon. The salt could have made a dif in your weigh in. I find it is aggravating also when eating on others people's schedules. I'm glad the protein chips work for you. I'll be anxious to hear how u like the Kodiak pancakes.
I'm certain it was because of the way I ate last week and lost .6 when I should have gained. My body tends to do that it likes playing catch up

But I have only used 1 weekly so far this week. And I have been to the bathroom many times unloading. So I feel I will have a good loss this Tuesday at weigh in. But will have to wait and see.

I liked the Kodiak Protein Buttermilk Cake mix. I put Maple Grove SF Syrup on them and ate 2 pcs. of center cut bacon.It was really good

The zero points recipe you posted I was unable to read it as the lettering was to small But it was a veggie kabob and I can make those
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