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Originally Posted by tracywatz View Post
Thanks. I do under 20 when I first start but then go to under 50 and its dropping off me, so it is working. Everyone is now starting to notice which is nice, and I have gone down a dress size. When I do it 100% my foggy brain is much better but when I do the odd cheat, I think I hinder the health side of it but not the weight loss side if that makes sense.

Just wondering are those little cheats really worth it?
Personally, I would find kids meals at McD's would lead to proper meal (on a stressful day) and within weeks, the carbs would take over and I would be off plan (bingeing). My go to at McD's is 1-2 plain double cheeseburgers or a sausage & egg muffin in the morning. On the burger I remove the bun myself, on the breakfast I get them to make it no muffin and it comes on a tray. Once I finish it, I always feel completely satisified (and quite virtuous).

I suppose it depends on what your eating issues are, how old/young you are, and how overweight you are.

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