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Originally Posted by Bbarb View Post
Say you're allowing yourself 50 g a day which is quite usual, and you choose to have your 50g carbs as chocolate and eat only nil carb food for the rest of the day - would your body react in the same way as it would if you'd been sensible and taken your carbs as vegs and fruit?
The short answer, everyone is different. Some people can trigger cravings with just 10 cg of chocolate others can get away with more. Atkins approach was to reduce the carbs down very low (20 cg) and slowly introduce higher carbs on a trial and error basis. To see what effect they will have on cravings and weight loss. Personally, I've had up to around 10 cg chocolate and it hasn't affected me. It would be a good idea to experiment a bit, and log everything you eat, so you get a good idea of what is working and what isn't.

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