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Originally Posted by tracywatz View Post
Hi everyone.

A little bit of advice please.

I am doing my own version of low carb, and doing very well. I have lost 22lb since end of November.

I am keeping to 50 carbs a day (roughly)

Can I eat any carbs to be under 50 so a bit like calorie counting, anything I want as long as its under 50 carbs?

I feel like I have been cheating a little lately. Last time around, I was only drinking almond milk, this time around I have not changed out my milk so there is quite a few carbs right there.

I don't eat bread, pasta, rice or sugar.

However, occasionally I cheat with a kids meal from Macdonalds. (chicken nuggets, small fries) or an odd sugar free biscuit.

Is this ok as long as I stay under the 50 carbs?

Its working but just wanted advice from the experts!
It depends on what 'working' means to you. If your only focus is weight loss and you are feeling well ~ I would suggest that you need not worry about it.

For many folks (myself included), I would not be in keto at that level of carbs on a regular basis and that is my main focus. I am also focussed on they type of food I eat (no grains, sugar, starches etc.) so that makes it pretty easy to stay around 20g total per day.

I think the biggest problem with eating in the way you describe might be an issue with compliance. 'Cheating' here and there with biscuits and trips to McD., can be a slippery slope for many. Carb cravings never really abated. Just watch out. Awareness is key.
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