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Originally Posted by Leo41 View Post
Have you discussed this with a doctor?

I've had problems with chronic constipation throughout my life, and my gastro says it's due to "slow transit time," and that there is no real relief in any WOE (i.e., fiber, fat, etc. does nothing for me).

He recommended Miralax (OTC, with many cheaper generic versions available). It's a tasteless powder that is mixed with any drink (hot or cold), and taken daily will keep a person 'regular.' In fact, sometimes I can cut back to just a few times a week. Doctors don't consider this a laxative, and apparently there's no harm in taking it daily if necessary.
I wonder if that's my problem, because it seems to be an issue of volume for me. I'm not as hungry on lc so I'm not putting in as much volume to keep things moving an then it gets "stuck." Thanks for the info
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