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Originally Posted by Tecnokitty View Post

Do you happen to have more info on this?

"MCTs do not require bile salts for digestion, Good if you have your gall bladder out"

and LOL, the only choc I am NOT banned from eating is BARK!
Ha ha, I've declared a veto on the ban Mwa Ha Ha Actually I've just been instructed to increase my C.O. consumption, tee hee! Sorry!

This is from Sport Nutrition for Health By Melinda Manore & Janice Thompson. . .(pardon my poor typing)

Because LCT’s slow gastric emptying, they stay in the gastrointestinal tract long and enter the blood more slowly than other sources of energy typically used during exercise. Not also, that since they are insoluble in water, LCFA’s must enter the general cirulation via chylomicrons – a much slower process than carbohydrate digestion. Carbohydrate is much more readily digested and available for energy during exercise than LCTs. Chylomicrons are not major contributors of energy to the body during exercise but are thought to contribute to replenishment of muscle intramuscular fat after exercise is over (jeukendrup and Saris 1996)”
stuff, stuff, more stuff, advice, yadda yadda . . Oh, here we go . . .

“Medium Chain Triglycerides

Since fat digestion is generally slower than that of carbohydrates, fat stays in the gastrointestinal tract longer before It enters circulation-thus decreasing the immediate availability of exogenous fat as an energy source during exercise. Medium-chain Triglycerols (MCTs) are an exception to this rule since they are digested differently from typical dietary fats. MCTs comprise three medium-chain fatty acids(MCFAs) and glycerol backbone; however, because MCFAs are only 6-12 carbons long, their smaller size alters the way they are digested, transported, and utilized for energy within the body (linscheer and Vergroesen 1994). MCTs rapidly exit the stomach into the small intestine. They are digested into MCFAs, which are absorbed across the mucucosal membrane almost as rapidly as glucose. Compared with LCFAs, MCFAs are more soluble in water, require less pancreatic lipase and bile salts for digestion, and diffuse rapidly throughout the unstirred water layer of the gut. Once inside the gut mucosal cells, they do not require re-sysnthesis into triglyerols and incorporation into chylmicrons for transport into the blood, as LCFAs do. MCFAs enter the portal vein bound to albumin and are transported to the liver as rapidly as glucose. They enter systemic circulation and are available for metabolism 250 times more quickly than LCFAs( linscheer and Vergroesen 1994).
MCFAs are not stored in adipose tissue but are oxidized rapidly for energy by the cells, especially in the liver. Within muscle cells MCFAs are not dependent on carnitine for transport into the mitochondria. Finally, MCFAs are metabolized within the muscle about as rapidly as glucose, and preferentially over LCFAs.
There is more about experiments comparing MCTs and CHO energy use, most of it saying it is not worth it to use MCT's even if glycogen is low, but I don't think any of the experiments were done on ketogenic metabolism, or at least from what I read it doesn't seem that way. TADA-!
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