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I'm getting REALLY PISSED OFF about this Xylitol! . . .

I was heating my coconut oil in the microwave and I put the xylitol in with it, figure the heat would make it melt and dissolve better. The Xylitol hadn't dissolved after a minute so I let it go for the final 30 seconds . . . and my glass measuring cup just split in TWO!


I've never had any trouble with Splenda granular, or stevia dissolving into the oil, Now I've wasted 4 T of oil, Xylitol and my measuring cupis broken and there is oil all over my microwave oven, Crap! stupid Xylitol

Davinci syrups tend to collect on the top of the oil when you chill it and so the chocolate is unevenly sweet and bitter, but if it is blended with cream cheese or something else emulsified, then it should be all right.

Crap, What a waste!

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