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Originally Posted by Madge17 View Post
MargD - I made PB years ago, when the only stores that carried any type of natural or organic foods were the old health food stores or co-ops. I only had a blender then and it was a messy PITA to get out of the blender, but it was great. I bumped up the protein in it by adding powdered milk, as per a recipe in "Recipes for a Small Planet". PB and milk = complimentary protein. I'd sometimes add a tiny bit of honey to it for sweetness for my son. He and I loved it! I won't bother to make it for myself, as so much is available at grocery stores now - and I just love the organic WF 365 brands (and the price is good too). Hubby is not a PB liker, so it's just me eating it.

As far as almond butter - I happen to be 1/2-way through my first jar! I agree, it's a poor substitute for PB when you are a PB-lover as I am, but I mixed it in a small bowl with protein powder and some real PB and don't notice the odd taste as much. It IS less in carbs and good for you - so I'm forcing myself to try and develop a liking for it.
I'm not sure why I still make my own peanut butter, to be honest. Maybe I just want to justify the pricy blender? I agree that there are so many good brands out there now. Also, my grocery store has a machine that blends just peanuts and you just fill your container with whatever quantity you desire.

For whatever reason, it seems trickier to me to make almond butter. Maybe because the first time I tried, it just didn't turn out that great. I think that compared to peanut butter it really isn't that great, so being homemade probably wasn't the problem!

Like you, I'd really like to develop a taste for almond butter.
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