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Hello everyone ::waves:: I'm jumping back in after a long absence, and I have enjoyed reading all of your posts!

Here's what's on deck for me today. Pretty boring, but it gets the job done. I'm hoping to make my own seitan this weekend so that I can avoid the high sodium levels in the commercially made stuff (cheaper, too!)

B: Morningstar vegan griller + broccoli + mushrooms, sauteed in 1 TBS olive oil; 1 cup unsweetened soy milk; vegan multivitamin; coffee

L: 6 oz. firm tofu + broccoli + mushrooms, sauteed in 1 TBS olive oil and spices

D: (Probably) Soy chorizo + spinach, sauteed in olive oil; 1 TBS almond butter; 1 square dark chocolate

S: 1 ounce walnuts
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