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If you haven't already, what about buying a couple explanatory books like _Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It_ or _Wheat Belly_ as well as the Atkins book and leaving them lying around so she can peruse them at their leisure if she wants so that she gets an understanding of why and how this works?

(I would advise against giving them to her, as this could be very sensitive with a teenager, but just making them available or letting her see you read them.) In particular the first title would be of interest to most adolescents whether they would admit to it or not.

Also... instead of focusing on weight loss, why not just focus on changing over to healthy habits and making healthy choices (which includes leaving behind sugar and white flour), through modelling healthy decisions, only making healthy foods available at home, and occasionally discussing why they are healthier if it comes up.

(To compare, I genuinely had no idea WHY sugar made people gain weight beyond calories until someone explained insulin and weight gain to me in my early 20's.)

Also, I second encouraging her to take on the challenge of making baked goods that the whole family can enjoy (while, at the same time, I am not sure I would feel comfortable encouraging the heavy consumption of most artificial sweeteners especially splenda/ perhaps considering the option of naturally sweetened baked goods or else baked goods with sweeteners that seem safe such as erythrytol or stevia).

At her age, it may not be necessary for her to go fully low carb in order to for her to feel and see health benefits, so it may be that just going for a 'most of the time' approach will be a good start.

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