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I know that there are a variety of 'dramatic' thyroid stories because all of us respond differently, so I'd beware of trying to follow anyone else's experience in terms of Rx or doctors.

I have a friend who had his thyroid removed over 20 years ago due to Graves' disease, and he's been thriving on Synthroid since then--with no weight gain, fatigue or other issues.

My own experience is that my primary failed to diagnose my (obvious) thyroid symptoms for 5 years--and I foolishly listened to him. It was only when I could barely function with overwhelming fatigue that I self-referred to an endo and was diagnosed and treated immediately.

I was fortunate to have a physician family friend who recommended my current endo, who is excellent. Nevertheless, my Rx have had to be periodically adjusted, and I need regular blood work (every 4 months) to monitor my thyroid.
(I have Hashimoto's.) I do fine with Synthroid and Cytomel. One advantage (over Armour) is that the T3 can be carefully regulated with Cytomel, and T3 is critical for our health. If someone actually needs T3 (i.e., isn't converting well), then Cytomel is essential, in my experience.

What everyone needs is a good thyroid doctor--and unfortunately they seem to be difficult to find. My sister also has Hashi's, and although she's a medical secretary who knows a lot of doctors, she spent 20 years with 'bad' treatment, unable to find either an endo or internist who was a 'good' thyroid doctor. She now goes to my endo--even though it's a long distance for her to travel; good treatment is worth it.
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