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Keep in mind that unless your T4 and T3 are VERY low in the range, most physicians will use the TSH as an indicator of whether or not your dosage is correct. For someone taking supplemental hormones, the TSH should be no higher than 1.0.

The range is ambiguous because I've read advocates who insist we need to be in the top third of the range, but I actually feel great when I'm at about half or slightly below.

In reading about this, I've learned that we are all 'unique' in the hormone level that is right for us, and the ranges are just an indication to cover the wide range of 'normal.' That's why physicians tend to use the TSH. For example, my TSH was always about 1.0--until I experienced 'conversion' problems, and my T3 dropped to below lab range. But my TSH also shot up to 2.6, so that was an indicator that something was terribly off.

My point is that if your TSH is 1.0 or below, most physicians will regard your T4 and T3 levels as satisfactory if they are generally in range--unless you are having severe symptoms. But that's the other problem with thyroid--the symptoms are so common to other maladies, so it's not so easy to say that it's thyroid.
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