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Smileybcuz - This is in response to an earlier question you posted; appears there are two "intro" boards now. When I first started this journey 6 months ago, I really had to be strict and stay under 20 carbs a day consistently to see real progress. I'm in maintenance now and I do a mix of staying within those induction levels and occasionally having days with more carbs. At this point I think my body has now adapted to the LC WOE so I don't see those immediate water weight gains that I did in the beginning. I think it's just your body's way of adjusting. I'm no doctor, but I suspect it won't be this way for you forever.

Someone once mentioned on this board that as our bodies' fat cells lose fat, they really want to maintain their mass, so they fill up with water any chance they get in order to maintain their size. Over time, our fat cells shrink and once that happens, they don't have a need to fill themselves up with as much water. I think this explains why I would "balloon up" as you said, at seemingly any extra overage of carbs in the beginning and I don't find this to be the case now.

Hope this helps
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