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Hello artlover,

Sometimes it better to count the inches rather the pounds.. Especially since you are close to your goal weight.. Weight loss on the scale can go slowly the closer you are to goal. You also need to check your calories. When you are nearing your goal, calories need to be watched, to a certain extent, more carefully... You can cut them by eating leaner meats.. lower cheese consumption, less nitrates such as lunch meats.. nuts.. and peanut butter.

It may also help you to journal your menus of what you are eating on the journals board.. People can be very helpful when seeing what your intake is during the day. Also, remember to eat until satisfied and try not to snack throughout the day because that can be a downfall as well. Make sure you are staying well hydrated with your water intake and as you are already doing, cut down on soda.

If you are working hard to keep your carbs around 50 grams per day, your insulin levels will be low and your glucagon high. Your fat cells will be open and fat can easily come out to be burned. However, if you’re eating a few ounces of cheese and/or nuts here and there, your body will have enough fat to meet all its energy needs with some left over. And your weight loss will come to a complete stop.

If you are sticking to your plan, and still losing away, keep doing what you’re doing. If you quit losing, take a look at your cheese and/or nut consumption. Cut those out, and your weight loss will surely pick up again.

Hope this helps some!


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