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well... I am back... please keep me here :)

Well... I have been off and on lowcarb since 2003... to start it was a good long stretch... decent results but have never got close to my goal weight. Eventually I would get discouraged or something and slide off, then never really got a good start again... went through dabbling with gluten free etc.

I always knew the science and it made sense to me... but low and behold the medical community has finally caught up with my understanding! I went into a main stream physician for medical weight loss management and they out me on low carb!! with all my past knowledge, this is not difficult for me to get used to and feel good with... and now that I have a doctor backing me and telling me to do it, maybe I will stay with it lifelong like it should be.

So been back on since Monday, down my 6 pounds (of course mostly water but that is good too!)and she has set a goal for me to lose 10 pounds in the first month (should be easy).

Atkinish program but not really. Has me sticking to 2000 cal a day. 50 max net carbs, but since it won't track that she set it for 80 actual carbs. Percentages she wants in those 2000 cal is 15% carb 15% protein and 70% fat. All sits well with my previous knowledge.

So now to stick with this and see it through to healthier weights. And I of course thought of this message board again as a possible way to get and give support.

So hello everyone again!
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