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Originally Posted by Peagle View Post
We have a freezer full of wild game (venison, feral hog, duck, goose) and I'm needing some suggestions for Medi friendly recipes, especially the venison steaks. It's very, very lean and was a tough, old buck. I've been searing it using Butter-flavor Pam and then letting it simmer, covered for five minutes or so, but it's not as good, and still pretty tough in spite of tenderizing (pounding) prior to cooking. I've made jerky from the goose - it turned out excellent and makes for a nice, low cal snack. (I have to hide it from my daughter, and share sparingly with my husband, they love it!) Any tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I was going to suggest jerky, but I see you're already doing that. IF you have (or can borrow) a pressure cooker it will work wonders! I'd marinate it (my Mom user to soak all game in milk to get rid of the gamey flavor) but then I'd brown the meat, and cook in the pressure'll probably need to cook it around an hour (once the Pressure cooker gets up to pressure) so make sure you have added enough liquid (water, broth, wine, beer etc) It MIGHT not be fork tender but cooking this way will give you the MOST tender meat. You can always bring the pressure back up and cook longer. AFTER the meat has cooked, you can add potatoes (rutabagas are a GREAT low carb alternative) quartered onions, carrots, celery (for your family to enjoy) bring the pressure back up and cook the veggies (with or without the meat........I usually leave the meat in) for about 10-12 minutes. This is the ONLY way I cook roast beef, pork roasts etc now. IF you have questions feel free to PM me

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