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Originally Posted by Peagle View Post
Thanks, Mary, but unfortunately I don't have a pressure cooker and I've always been a bit timid about using one. My parents used to use one all the time when I was younger but had a mishap with it and let's just say, it went in the trash. But I will keep that in mind and look into possibly getting one with a little research. And, I don't think I can PM yet - not enough posts!
I hope you do look into buying one. The new ones (in the last 30 years) are VERY safe. I have 3. One is a Presto brand and is BIG. I also have one that is made by Fagor, and one that is a Futura. They all have lids that slide under some sort of a safety bar, and CANNOT build pressure at all if the lid isn't on right.

I lived in Colorado at high elevations and the pressure cookers were a life saver. Without one boiling potatoes that takes 30 minutes at sea level too about an hour and 15 minutes

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