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Teacherdli's Crustless Pizza Hamburger Pie

Post #14 in the dinner recipes...
This was awesome, I thought I was cheating. I cooked it in mini loaf pans and it came out wonderful. I would have taken a picture but everyone was ready to eat and I had to put the little one to bed...... The only modification was I used 1 turkey burger patty cut up and 7 turkey pepperoni,(enough to cover the top of the mini loaf pan.
Layered from bottom to top in this order.
-1 turkey burger 160 cal
-1/2c no sugar pasta sauce 35 cal (4carbs)
-1/4c mushrooms
-1/4c NF mozzerella cheese 45cal
-7 turkey pepperoni 28cal
-and of course the italian seasoning/pepper
This is a good option esp if you have a workout day and you are allowed 600-7 calories for the day.
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