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Count me in the never-seen-99-cent-beef camp. I live in a farming area but extremely mountainous -- no cows. Anything that comes from a cow costs a fortune here. On the other hand, we have tons of cheap hormone-free poultry. Prices are from recent grocery receipts:

pack of 9 hormone-free chx drumsticks -- 1.98
1 roll hormone-free sage turkey sausage -- 1.67
1 dozen hormone-free local eggs -- 1.49
can of mackerel (makes about 4 fishcakes) -- .99
large container Breakstone full-fat cottage cheese -- 3.25
large container full-fat Greek yogurt -- 3.50
box of organic baby spinach -- 3.49
half-pound of fresh mushrooms -- .99
2-lb head of fresh locally grown kale -- 1.00
store-generic 28 oz can of pumpkin -- 1.09

Total: $19.45

In truth, though, I'd never go a week without my coffee, dressing on my salad, spices in my food, or a scoop of protein powder in my breakfast shake. So the real cost of a week's groceries would run higher, when you averaged out those things I buy once a month.
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