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Hi everyone!

The dog pictures are awesome! I'm going to have to figure out how to upload a picture of my guys…although they don't have cool rain outfits.

Phoenix: The fact that you had a 3 pound loss means that you were losing, which is awesome. The gym should be phenomenal to help you keep going. I always get a little more religious about my eating when I work out, it's so tough to go to the gym that I don't want to erase my efforts!

Vlo: Cheering you on. That's a great picture of you at the wine and painting thing, very cute!

Janet: glad it's going well!

I was so happy to see a whoosh this morning, back down to my lowest low since starting. Unfortunately, my starving-ness of yesterday hung around and I had breakfast which is rare for me and a ridiculous sushi lunch. It was so incredibly good but when I started inputting the calories to my tracker I was shocked to see how high sushi is; chocolate chip cookies didn't help, either. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another DD…
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