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Berta, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. That sucks. My family in Nebraska got that big ice storm there also. My one sister said she went out to go to work. I'm like what? Guess I've become a pansy since living in Cali. I went out yesterday for a quick grocery store trip and that's the first time out in over a week.

I made good choices at the store and only had a few things to get like my martini olives that are 0 points for 4 big olives And I got my weekly avocado and an apple to have with almond butter for snack. I've been hungry for that. I picked up a box of sweet dreams rice cakes. They are 2 sp's for one choc covered thin cake and there's only 6 in the box. I haven't had them for awhile. I had a couple for dessert and found they set off a sugar craving. I guess I've been eating clean for long enough now I hadn't thought about it but that sugar addiction is lurking just below the surface to knock me off my feet.

I was tired and vulnerable for a binge so I had to really talk myself thru not making some poor choices. I used a technique i learned in eating disorder treatment called surfing the urge and just rode it out like riding a wave and it finally subsided as I just observed it without acting on it. Caught me by surprise because I had been going along so well. Guess I learned something last night about sugar addiction getting activated. With my blood sugar issues, gotta be careful about having protein and lots of water along with a sweet if I'm going to indulge. I think having balanced nutrition in me lately also helped steady me and strengthen me. I've gotten used to feeling good from eating well.

Anyway a NSV for me that hopefully makes me stronger for next time a craving hits as it is said
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