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I'm hoping you'll let me join you.

I've done WW on and off for years....been on every plan they've introduced and I know the plan works if you work the plan. The problem is, I hate the new plan. I couldn't work the one before this one (PointsPlus) either - I was very successful on the plan before that - the one with the slide rule. I lost over 30 pounds and managed to keep it off for years. And then.........menopause.

This newest version? I love that they finally figured out that sugar is bad. It's about time. It always bothered me that foods with tons of sugar (and carbs back in the day) had no points when you paid dearly point-wise for healthy proteins and fats. So I like that. Except, I think they've gone a little overboard on the sugar points - it's so restrictive that it's almost punitive and I think it fosters a binging or cheating mentality. At least it does for me.

I like that lean proteins are finally acceptable foods. And that all veggies and fruits are free. Not that I enjoy eating fruits or veggies. But I do use them to bulk up meals. But, can anyone explain to me the logic behind TRIPLING the point value of the same ingredients if you make them into a smoothie? I read what WW has to say about the message the brain is sending to the belly, and it honestly makes no sense to me at all. Calories are calories. A smoothie keeps me fuller for far longer than a bowl of fruit does.

Exercise - where do I start? I didn't really care when they added exercise as an incentive at first. But when I realized I could actually earn extra points by doing something so simple as walking the dog, it motivated me - a total couch potato non-exerciser - to move more. Now, I exercise regularly and what does it get me on the new plan? Nothing. I was actually excited to see how many more points I'd get by adding exercise to my regular routine. Now, not so much. And it seems they only count cardio as exercise. Weight training, where you aren't necessarily out of breath but you are still burning calories, doesn't earn you as many points as if you do circuit training. And what about pilates and yoga? You aren't out of breathe at all but those are both great forms of exercise. Not that points matter.........

So, now that I've unleashed all this on you.....I know I can get past my problems with the new plan. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems with it and how you got over it. I signed up for 3 months, online and meetings. I haven't gone to any meetings yet. I'm afraid they'll kick me out. No, actually I never really cared for the new leader (not so new now) or the people who go. And I signed up for the meetings just for the accountability of the weigh-ins. But I seem to be doing OK on my own in that department. I started last week, and so far, I am down 2.5 pounds.

Anyway, here I am.....hoping I didn't alienate you all with my negative views on the new plan because I see a lot of positive too. I've always gone back to WW and it's always worked for me when I stick to it. I just have to get used to the higher point values for some staples (I'm looking at you - the formerly one point, delicious and all purpose english muffin ) and embrace the lower value of new foods. Like the awesome 4 point soup I made for lunch this week!

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