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Originally Posted by RW City Sue View Post
What!?! Berta, you are killing it this year. Whew. You're on fire. Sorry you're still not feeling your best but dang, at least you had great news at your meeting.

I'll be finally getting out to my meeting today before the next snow storm comes in. I have so many errands to do it's ridiculous. May be my last chance to get out for the rest of the week.

Lou, funny the things we've gone thru over the years with working on managing our weight. I find the meetings I've gone to this time around have very little focus on weight. It's mostly about doing the right things that will naturally result in managing weight. Hopefully your local meeting is on board with the beyond the scale program also.

I need to get back to sleep. Gotta a big day coming up. Nite from your nite owl friend here.
Yes, I was actually pleasantly surprised. I knew I had not been eating much, but I certainly didn't expect to loose that much, The lady weighing me in looked at me sorta strange. But then I told her I had been sick,and wasn't staying. She sorta just nodded her head

So now I am really trying to eat good this week. That 7.6 put me back to where I was before the Holidays.
My lowest last year was 233 I really want to get into the next level. It usually takes me four to five weeks to get that much off.

I am still not completely over this stuff but at least I feel human again

I'm having catfish tonight for supper. Boy you are a night owl. 4 a.m. Have you been able to get you food delivered?

I had a Smart Ones Salisbury Steak with macaroni and cheese (7 SP) last night it was really good. Had to add a tad of salt & pepper, but It was so good I wanted more

Yes, our leader talks about NSV (non scale victory) all the time, She is a good leader. Her name is Debra. She has lost over 100 lbs and has kept it off for a long time now like 3-4 years.

It seems the meetings encourage me even when I've had a gain. I am glad I signed up for online and meetings.
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