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Originally Posted by LINC View Post
I saw that recipe - maybe on the WW recipe sticker here? - and it caught my eye right away. It sounds delicious.

OK, looks like I stand corrected - exercise does count if you want it to. I found a setting in my profile that allowed me to create activity points. That motivates me 100% to exercise more.

Maybe I should go to a meeting.

Yes you should. Don't let them women intimidate you. Go for yourself. I do a lot better with my eating when I go.
I can't exercise due to my old bones and arthritis but I am looking into some stretch band exercises. Guess anything is better than nothing. And partially because I just never enjoyed it. I use to love to swim but can barely do that now and we have only one car and hubby takes it to work each day.

I have been thinking to go and just walk in the water/ our pool is indoors(all the time) and out(in the summer ) all year long. So I may do that and go on his days off. Mon & Sat.or I could go after he gets home from work. But we'll see
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