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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
I have just recently rejoined these boards after almost four years away. I did Atkins before and lost twenty pounds. (I am post-menopausal and an extremely slow loser)

I have plenty of sympathy for those of you in ketosis who are not seeing a pay-off on the scale because I have been in that situation myself. But realize that this doesn't mean you are not losing fat! One of the oddities of Atkins is that sometimes when you are losing fat, your body thinks it will keep those fat cells at the ready by filling them with water. If you look around on these boards, I'm sure you will find many references to this phenomena. Anyway, maybe my experience will help you:

I went on Atkins for the first time about four years ago. It was June 1st. I lost about four pounds in the first week of ketosis; second week two pounds; then ... nothing!
Week after week I had the bad breath and metallic taste in my mouth so I knew I was in ketosis, but the scale stayed the same. The only thing that kept me on Atkins was inertia --- I had lost most of my appetite, which was nice, and the diet was actually easier for me than my normal way of eating, as far as food prep.

Still, for two months, no weight loss, not an ounce. Then, when I had given up hope and was not even weighing my self regularly (too depressing), I suddenly lost 10 pounds! No one loses 10 pounds of fat in one week unless they are starv-ing. "Something" strange happened. The next week I lost six pounds.

When I say I lost this weight I don't mean that it came off a little at a time through the week; it was one day there and the next day gone. Since that time I have had many people tell me of similar experiences. I hope you will stick to it and stay on the diet. Think of it as an experiment in this very (in my opinion) weird way of losing weight.
Thanks for this. I am suffering the exact same situation. Every morning I wake up expecting a woosh. I am always disapointed with usually a gain, or a loss that returns the weight in a day or 2. I will not give up. I am on induction yet again. I cleaned it up abit. I pray for some sort of progress soon.
Thanks again!!!
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