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if you added a new food before the bloat it could be a food intolerance. just remove that new food and see if the bloat goes away.

When we follow the Atkins plan both the eating and mandatory exercise part we will be adding lean body tissues as our body takes the larger thenUSDA protein amunts and builds more tissues stores all the amion acids it can and converts the rest to glucose for the body parts that need glucose as fuel cause they lack mitochondrias. This storage can add pounds of lean body tissue as we burn off body fat for fuel for those parts that have mitochondrias and can burn ketones and fatty acids as fuel. The scale only measures the force of gravity on your toal mass. it has no idea if you gained a pound of lean tissue shed 2 pounds of body fat and since you are feeling bloated added some water pounds too. All it knows it the change in your toal mass which was why Dr Atkins said measure to see the inches of body fat being burned off even when the scale will not validate your hard work.

Stalls are defined as no loss of scale weight NOR inches for 4 weeks. Since you are shedding inches as you morph your body working your Atkins you are not stalled and need to keep going with your OWL plan. What rung are you on?
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