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When I first started Atkins a few weeks ago, I saw this thread and thought, "How in the world can anyone get stuck on induction unless they aren't doing it right?" Well, here I am, stuck on induction! I lost 6 pounds in the first week, then gained 2 back and stalled.

I started an aerobics class last week and have also tried to get into a walking routine.

I drink huge amounts of water and eat plenty of meat, eggs, and a salad each day. I use NO crazy diet products, bars, shakes, etc. The only thing I do not follow is the caffeine free coffee. I drink my regular coffee with a bit of sugar free hazelnut coffeemate and a splenda packet (it's my only vice!).

I think I'm doing everything right and just need to be patient while my body adjusts to the new exercise routine. Perhaps I'm eating right but eating too much in quantity.

I did discover the one-minute muffin and have had one almost every day. Has anyone had issues with weight stalls and the muffin?

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