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You should have at least dropped some water weight by now. Nuts are not permitted during induction, but I would think a reasonable amount of gucamole would be ok... if you're not overdoing it. I believe 1/2 of an avocado is permitted.

Make sure you're only eating permissable foods (and watch out for the hidden sugar and carbs), and also that you are not overeating. I started off thinking if I was eating a no carb food... that it was ok to eat as much as I wanted (or gorged, rather!). I'm trying to practice better portion control now and I'm seeing better results.

Drink plenty of water and start walking for a least 1/2 hour a day. That might help get your metabolism going. And I try to stop eating by 6 p.m. Seems like on the nights I eat late, I do not see as much (if any) weight loss. So I eat heavier early in the day and then light in the evening. If I start having urges in the evening, I find that a cup of tea appeases me.

Good luck!
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