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I too am confused about the veggies. When I tried induction with MUCH success 10 years ago, I ate enough to satisfy (being careful to eat only LC veggies). The weight came off very quickly. (50 lbs in a few months). 1-1/2 years ago 20 + pound crept back on...Now, I understand that you MUST eat 20 net carbs a day with 12-15 of those coming from LC veggies. Didn't Dr. Atkins say 2-3 cup of salad or 2 cups of salad and 1 cup of LC veggies? That doesn't equal 20 net carbs???? When did it change and why? Do you really need to eat 20 carbs/day even if I am not hungry? I haven't lost anything on induction and no change in the clothing tighness either. I have tried cutting the carb level down and now I am losing very slowly. (1/2 lb. per week) Is this the wrong thing to do? Should I just stay the course with 20 net carbs/day will the weight loss eventually start?
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