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In response to your #2 question:

I too have not lost anything on induction. Since this is my second time around I do have a history as to what stalls my body. Have you added any of the food items that can stall many such as cream, advocado or even the Muffin in a minute? I have found that even some of the veggies in the higher carb counts such as tomatoes will stall me as well as diet soda and even Splenda. I am very insulin resistent apparently. Definetly stay away from bars or other low carb sweets (even if they say they're ok on induction).

I have found that even though the new mantra is 20 net carbs with 12-15 of those as low carb veggies, I can lose only when my net carb counts are much lower than 20. It is unfortunate, since I just love my veggies, but it is what works for my body. I have found you need to find out what triggers your body and try to stay away from those things. I have tried to follow every rule exactly and have finally realized I need to listen to my body and respond accordingly. I will definently stick all the other rules, but I simply cannot lose at 20 net carb/day.

Again, they say if may take time for your body to catch up your weight loss and it may suddenly start to drop. Don't give up, I know from experience that I feel so much better eating this way...but I realize I would feel much better if the scale was moving more.
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