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Originally Posted by LSUGumbohead View Post
First, tell your husband thank you for his service. I am new here but I have been reading a lot of this forum and others and I think I read somewhere that just three cups of salad a day is 20 carbs. I try to eat a cup of salad a day and 1/2 cup of green beans or cabbage, etc. that are not in the starchy cat. of veggies. My other carbs come from splenda in my coffee, diet coke. I sometimes go over the 20 carbs because of the splenda. As of yesterday, I had lost 13 pounds. Today is my two week anniversary and I gained a pound and a half. I ate no veggies at all yesterday and actually did not each as much as I have been. So this morning I am back on eating lots of eggs, bacon and a nice big juicy steak tonight. Eggs also help suppress your apetite as they are pure protein. Be sure to use butter or olive oil when cooking as you want to get as much fat as possible. If you are trying to watch your fat, then this diet won't work. Watch the cheese too..only about four ounces a day. I am used to snacking at my desk at work so now I just keep pork skins handy. Don't eat much of them but it does help when I see someone else chowing down on Chili Cheese Fritos (my favorite!). I am not discouraged by my gain today, did not drink enough water and went overboard on my carbs. I am in ketosis though as my strip was in the moderate range. I only check urine first thing in the is the only time that I have results. I hope this helps somewhat. Also, there are some wonderful videos on You Tube especially the guy from Living Livdeo Low Carb or something like that...very informative videos and they keep me very motivated. Good luck.
The atkins book says 1 cup of romaine is only 0.4 carbs. SO 2 cups is less than a carb. How does that add up to 20??? Gained another pound today.... ??? blah.
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