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DH took me out to lunch today and we had a yummy mushroom stroganoff. I've tried to make this at home, and I come close, but I can't quite get it. I'll have to keep trying. It's a long drive to that restaurant.

So we weren't really hungry for dinner and I just made a Hugh Jass salad. I'll be leaving on Friday for a week and did some cooking for the freezer so the hubster won't starve - made a batch of Lentil/Walnut burgers, and a big pot of Ethiopian Spicy Tomato Lentils with the leftover lentils. I held back on the hot spice because I'm planning to give some to my mom and she doesn't do hot. My first time making that recipe, and it tastes pretty good. I had printed it out quite a while ago and can't remember which site had it.
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