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Yay! Shari and Deb are losing appetites, and losing weight too!! Keto is the best way to control my appetite and I miss that! You'll both do amazingly well with that! And like I've said before, Fall is the best time to do it, imho.

Shari- I feel your pain on the scale and the quick gains! I am hoping it'll come back off quickly for you too!!! Hang in there and enjoy that first week whoosh!!

You too Deb! Hope the scale is being kind and encouraging to you too!!

I'm still up, 175.6 today . I did weigh at 5:15am so I'm hoping it'll be lower tomorrow. I hate to stop this healing process, but like you guys, am gonna have to change something soon! This isn't a pattern I want to maintain!

But, I'm getting stronger and feeling great about my weight training!! Hitting new PRs each session, which is really exciting! About to hit my year long squat goal-probably tomorrow. So there's that! And I actually got a compliment yesterday! Ha!
But, jeans don't lie. My "fat" jeans were fitting more snugly. Sigh. I guess I'm glad I have a few pair of fat jeans to tide me over.

Have a great day ladies!!! You've got this!
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