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Hi Ladies!

Can't believe it has been two weeks since I checked in! What a blur,lol. A surgery with my husband, two birthdays and continued work stress, hehe!

I've read through the posts since my last one and I can relate to everyone. It seems we're all trying to "fine-tune" "dial-in" our resets! I'm on my 3rd 3-day fast (Su-T), definitely wobbly this morning But I think it is helping with my insulin levels although, I'd say my progress is amazingly slow. I watch my FBG more than my weight even though FBG and insulin levels are not precisely correlated, I figure when my insulin levels go down, my FBG will eventually follow. I did have sugary stuff on both birthdays.

Deb! Ours is the same day! It sounds like you had a great one with the party and all Mine was more low-key, spent with my husband but very nice.

The thing I'm really fine-tuning is whether to continue with the 3-day fasts, the 3rd day is TUFF! but the longer without eating the more insulin lowering effect ... my weight is very stable despite the fasting, but it's been stable for almost 2 years. I believe my insulin level is just really set where it is, which is why I'm trying the longer fasts to see if I can lower it. After studying much of Dr. Fung's work I believe I will continue to bounce between my low/high weight until my insulin levels are lowered. The biggest good news is the longer fasts seem to help with appetite control. Often when I fast it leads to overeating but with these longer ones, that hasn't been a problem ... but I'm also coming off a WHOLE YEAR of doing things I though was helpful and finding out in retrospect they were not for my insulin levels ... sigh...

But I'm keeping up my resistance training and have been mostly LCHF on eating days ... although that can get wobbly too! OY! This is so hard. I talked to my husband's daughter a long time this weekend and it just seems EVERYONE is struggling to some degree with food, eating, health these days ... EVIL BIG FOOD!!!

Originally Posted by julieboolie View Post
Ha! I love Bret Contreras!! I did gorgeous glutes a while last year! good program . I still do whts in my routine but am doing Stronglifts 5x5 with added lifts of my choice now. Really working on my squats. I too had/have a back thing, compressed disc in my low back and my neck, so form is critical for me. Deloading when I started SL a few weeks ago was great for my squat form. Whts don't bother my back at all and I'm adding weight to that lift (up to 185lbs now) better than others b/c my back tolerates it best. I love deadlifts too, but they really don't love me, and even with perfect form at a certain weight my back spasms, . I've recently got a belt and will try to add weight with that, and hope for progress. Taking it slowly and hoping to remain healthy and pain free!
I envy your menopause. I'm peri, I think. irregular, crazy flow sometimes, hot! I'm 47 and was obese from 6th grade on, so I share your struggles there too. making progress with the "new" me and accepting a higher maintenance weight than I originally wanted so I can live life. I'm not willing to sacrifice forever to be a size 4-6, when I can lift, eat and live well in an 8/10. I look ok, definitely some padding I could lose, but content here. I'm also recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and waiting for meds for that, I'm hoping that will help me lose some more fat once my meds are set up. We'll see, I've always been a much harder loser than others, and try to keep my expectations in check, .
Julie awesome that you did Gorgeous Glutes too! I'm almost finished with BW and the other 1st program combo! It's taken me FOREVER! I'm going to try to stick with the other two programs. When I was doing whts 3x a week it made a huge difference, so I'm eager to get back to that. I don't worry as much about squats and don't do DLs

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and that you're struggling with that. I have bounced back and forth between accepting where I am and wanting to be leaner. Now that I've learned about insulin levels it really fed the "want to be leaner" bug, which is where I am. Not sure that's good, but it's where I am. I also know I won't get there until/unless my insulin levels are lower. ERGH! TUFF STUFF!

Shari, were you doing kale shakes & OMAD? I did OMAD for about three months last year and it just really didn't work for me. Gradually, that one meal just started getting bigger and bigger and I ended up gaining weight and having my FBG go up Really a bummer cause it works for so many.

We need to be patient with ourselves and our bodies. I'm still very glad this challenge is here as we slide into ... THE HOLIDAYS!!!

Hi Izzy, I hope you're doing better with your pain.
after losing 30 pounds 30 years ago, I'm still plugging away at maintenance ...
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