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Yes Heather I do the shots because I happen to have some HCG on hand. Shari does the homeopathic version of HCG. They both work the same for me, so I use what I have....

I read all about Fung and have watched Butter Bob's videos which i LOVE!!! when I am deep in Ketosis then I can certainly stretch out my meals. Right now, not so much....... Good luck with it!! I know so many people who it works for, so I am interested in seeing how you do.

Shari, yesterday I ate my spinach salad with feta, Low carb/fat Balsamic dressing and some shrimp. Dinner was Chicken with mushrooms/cream cheese/mozzarella to get the fat up some. I still had around 50-60 g fat and 90 g protein.. I am not going to track real close because that puts me in a DIET frame of mind. I will for a few days to see where I am then I will know what to eat.......... We shall see! Good luck to us!!

Julie hope you had a wonderful evening!!!
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