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Good to see everyone is doing so well! I've been taking naproxen and occasional flexeril for the pain which has taken the edge off but still feels like I'm lifting 1000 pounds of leg to put my pants on. Miraculously still around the same weight although not low carb. This pain started overnight a week into low carb, so I may be having phantom fears around that. LOL. The more I research fibromyalgia, I'm finding that chemicals in our environment can trigger it. One woman it was msg, for a man he had to go whole foods organic vegetarian for his symptoms to disappear. I let this depress me and I haven't taken any action yet. Still not eating wheat which doesn't seem to make a difference. I still think whatever was blown out of the old a/c ducts this summer that made me sick for 3 weeks triggered it, but no one believes that it could be the cause. Anyway it doesn't matter what the cause at this point I need to find what is triggering it. I promise I will get off my arse soon and be back here! Thanks for the kind thoughts, they mean a lot!

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