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Izzy- you would think with the suddenness of the symptoms a dr could help more! So sorry you're still struggling with this pain! Hope you can figure out the cause or some way for relief!

Deb-you'll do great! You're kind of an hcg rockstar in my mind, so I know it'll work well for you!!!

Shari-glad you're dosing too and I know you'll do well with the keto. It's remarkable to me how much I miss fat on this current plan I'm following! The grass is always greener .

Heather-sounds like you're doing well! From what I remember of early Juddd weeks the fasting got easier with practice. Hope you're able to improve your health and fbg with these changes you're making .

I'm doing well. Feeling accomplished and recommitted to my goal of "strong is the new skinny". I lost sight of it a few times this year. But am enjoying this renewed focus to my weight training. Of course making measurable progress does have a way of encouraging you! I hope this'll help me with my views of food, dieting, lifestyle changes and focusing on health and fitness more than thinness. Balanced and healthy

The weekend is almost here! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the start of Fall!!! Still hot here, but it's coming!
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